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Quack Fix: Gangnam Style, Lander College in Queens and WSU Seattle Game Ticket Prices

Football is back and I'm so incredibly happy. Mike Leach is here, Craig James is gone, Lou Hotlz got new glasses and we're off and running.

  • Pacific Takes has a great breakdown of a potential Arkansas State gameplan that we could see on Saturday. While we may think about days of yore with an Auburn offense powered by Cam Newton, the Tigers' offense looked somewhat different last year. Expect to see a lot of misdirection plays from their offensive schemes. CBS Sports also has a preview, a prediction, and a note about a certain sellout streak that is in danger. We're the day before gameday. I hope the message sent to the athletic department regarding the price increases is a clear one.
  • I admit it. I'm old. I have no idea what Gangnam Style is but apparently the kids today love to do it on my lawn.
  • An interesting idea out of the Athletic Department seems to revolve around rewarding fans who are successfully able to like things on Facebook and use the appropriate hash tags on Twitter. By doing so, we become eligible for fabulous prizes!
  • Lander College of Queens, New York didn't have a football team or really any sports beyond intramurals but 2500 miles from Eugene, Oregon lies a bastion of University of Oregon fandom.

The quack is short today because I got really worked up over the WSU Seattle game issue from last night. Throw all the interesting stuff I missed into the comments section. Did I mention how happy I was to see college football games on my TV?