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Jersey Contest Week One Reminder

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Remember, if you haven't registered or gotten all your picks in for this week's jersey contest, you need to do so today. I'll copy/paste Nick's post from Monday to remind you of all the details:

Here are this week's games for week 1 of the jersey contest. As a reminder, you will need to enter your picks in the ATQ pool at funofficepools (password is GoDucks). As a reminder, if you enter more than one pool sponsored by Gameday Depot, you will be ineligible for any prizes. The full rules can be found here (pdf warning): 2012 Jersey Contest Rules.

  • Boise State at Michigan State (-7.5) [Friday game]
  • Alabama (-12.5) at Michigan
  • Arkansas State at Oregon (-35.5)
  • Auburn at Clemson (-3.5)
  • Colorado (-5.5) at Colorado State
  • Miami at Boston College (-1.5)

Good luck!