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Quack Fix: the dog days of fall camp

I didn't mean what I said, Daisy. You know I love you. To make amends, here is a generous helping of Quack:

I end with a story about my trip to Seaside last weekend. It was a massively busy weekend on the coast, with an especially large amount of Washington and Washington State gear being worn. Of course, I was in Oregon gear most of the weekend, and was stopped by strangers to chat about college football four times, three of those by Huskies and one by a Cougar. I asked all of them what they thought about their teams this season, and all immediately conceded a loss to Oregon. This, before the season has even started. Oregon is obviously top dog in the Pac-12 pecking order, but to have Washington fans concede the point so early warms my heart. May it stay like this for a long, long time.