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The ATQ BlogPoll, Week 2: The Pac-12 Shows Up

UCLA debuts at #15 in our blogpoll. (Owa, I still wish you would have come to Oregon.)
UCLA debuts at #15 in our blogpoll. (Owa, I still wish you would have come to Oregon.)

This week peace and order was restored to the blogpoll as Tako and I were in general agreement about where to rank the top 25 teams. The top five teams are the same from a week ago although the order has changed. Alabama remains number one but both of us moved LSU to number two after they dominated the Huskies. Oregon, USC, and Michigan State round out the top five. Here are a few other notes from the poll:

  • Last week I took a lot of grief for neglecting to rank Oklahoma State in my initial poll. Guys, that's why we do these polls on Monday before submitting them to SBNation on Tuesday. In fact, I was deliberately playing the role of an idiot coach (read: Lane Kiffin) who hasn't watched any of the games to see if all of you were paying attention. It turns out you were. Congratulations! All of you passed the test.*
  • It was a huge weekend for the Pac-10 (the expansion teams not so much) as Oregon State, Arizona, and UCLA all scored big non-conference wins at home against ranked opponents. All three were rewarded in our rankings and make their debuts in this week's poll. UCLA was the biggest riser ascending to number 15. Arizona debuts at 22, while Oregon State checks in at 25.
  • Both of us were very impressed by UCLA and both of us ranked them at 15. I was equally impressed by Arizona and put them at 18, while Tako, after having Oklahoma State at number 10 last week, gave no love to the Wildcats this week and didn't have them in his poll.
  • There were no one-loss teams in this week's poll. Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, Utah, Washington, and Nebraska all dropped out after losses, as did Michigan (despite winning their game). I was the only one who ranked Michigan last week but this week penalized them for the general incompetence of the rest of their conference and the shitty idea to name it "B1G" (huh?) and "Leaders" and "Legends." Karma. But Michigan also looks like a one-man team and a six point win in their home opener over a decent but not great Air Force team -- after getting completely dominated by Alabama in their first game -- didn't impress me, especially given the quality of wins by the Pac-12.

*In reality I was traveling all weekend, missed all the games but Oregon's, and had an oversight before submitting my poll. Thanks for the heads up.

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