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Quack Fix: Keanon Lowe, Sark's Closing the Media Borders, Weekend Predictions and Mean Tweets

Why does Sheldon Cooper like Oregon Ducks Football? String Theory is the only possible explanation for how awesome it is. Stop, Quack Time.

  • Friend of the Blog, and Project Runway Judge stunt double Adam Jude has a short piece on Oregon Ducks sophmore wide receiver Keanon Lowe and his role so far in the 2012 season. With Josh Huff sidelined this weekend, Lowe has an opportunity to emerge as a go to weapon on for an offense that relies heavily on attacking the perimeter through the run or the pass. I think it's too early to start comparing him to other Duck greats, I think he does have an opportunity to give us those magical moments that Keenan Howry once dazzled the Autzen crowd with.
  • From one FOTB to another, Ken Goe has some thoughts about the recent changes going on at the Washington Huskies Practice Facility where Football Head Coach Steve Sarkisian is doing his best to close the Media Borders in regards to injuries. I think he makes an interesting point where he essentially says in the efforts by coaches to maintain control of the message by clamping down, they are actually losing control because of the reliance on secondary sources. Also buried in the article is a link where John McGrath of the Tacoma News Tribune wonders if this action says more about Sark's win-loss record than anything else.
  • The ESPN Pac-12 Blog has released some predictions for this week's Pac-12 contests. I didn't see too many surprises but there were a couple that jumped out at me. One was Ted predicting a somewhat close game between Washington and Portland State with the Huskies winning 30-20. Differences between the bloggers happen on the Colorado-Fresno State match up and the Arizona State-Missouri match up. You have a surprise you'd like to predict? Throw it in the comments below.
  • For those that live near Corvallis (like me, don't judge), the Benton County Schools Credit Union is hosting their 4th annual "Battle of the Dogs" BBQ event today from 10am-1pm to benefit "Credit Unions for Kids", a nonprofit organization to benefit Doernbecher Children's Hospital. They will be selling hot dog and hamburger lunches in the buyers choice of Oregon Ducks or Oregon St. Beavers.
  • While we continue to stress over injuries and lackluster performances in non-conference games, other fanbases may be stressed a little bit more than we are. In fact, some people seem to think that we have an easy road to the national championship game. I admit that I was in this camp a few weeks ago but then I witnessed the Pac-12 open a Costco-sized can of whoopass all over the Top-25 last weekend. Of those teams, I was very impressed with the Arizona Wildcats. They come to Autzen Stadium in what should be an amazingly entertaining game between Rich Rod and Chip Kelly.
  • For the nerds out there like me, we've got a press briefing from the company that is providing software that helps to power the "Quack Cave".
And finally, we all know that the Internet can be a wildly mean spirited place, especially in the world of athletic blogs. We here at Addicted to Quack are not immune to being ridiculed and attacked mercilessly. You should see some of the things that Chesterfield has to clean up on the official ATQ Twitter Account. It's enough to drive anyone bananas! That's why we were happy to see this clip where celebrities read actual tweets they receive.