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Quack Fix: Oregon moves up to #3, Kelly's teleconference and Byron Marshall improves on his play

Lots of quack from the weekend, let's dive right in:

  • One of the downsides to USC losing this weekend is the target was placed squarely on the backs of the Oregon Ducks once again. All the hoopla and hype about USC being back, has now turned to "you have to beat Oregon to win the crown." Well I'll say this. That's the way it has been for 3 years, if you want the championship, you're going to have to come and take from us.
  • Moseley has a wrap up of Chip Kelly's teleconference. Seems like special teams still need some work, but Kelly is pleased with how they are progressing (coach speak).
  • Looks like the Oregon vs WSU game in Seattle has been set for 7:30pm kickoff. Good luck getting anywhere back to Oregon before 3am with Seattle traffic.
  • Here's a video about Mariota talking about how he is starting to feel comfortable, 3 games into the season. The kid has really seen quite a bit early. Big leads, responses to turnovers, different blitz packages and 2 minute drives. The one thing we really need to know Mariota still is how he'll handle being down in the second half.
  • Everyone knows Thomas Tyner had a great weekend, but another Oregon recruit had himself a pretty decent game too, scoring 4 touchdowns. If Oregon actually lands both of these kids next year, with Addison, Marshall and DAT coming back, that may be the most loaded backfield Oregon has ever seen.
  • Another video, this time Kelly talking about cleaning up some of the penalties and miscues from the team. None of the teams Oregon has faced so far have had the talent to be able to capitalize on Oregon's sloppy first couple of games, but that should be changing this weekend.
  • Probably one of the biggest bright spots from Saturday was Byron Marshall. The kid looked like he turned a corner with his running. Lot of the dancing and east-west running turned into lower pads and more decisive north-south carries. With his size, he will be a decent compliment to Barner and DAT out of the backfield this year.
  • Odds and ends: Golf is resuming... already? Women's soccer got a victory over Gonzaga. Oregon moved up to #3 in the polls and there are 5 Pac 12 teams in the top 25 now.

That's all the quack I got, leave anything else in the comments.