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Quack Fix: Lebron James Sports Oregon Gear, Mark Helfrich and a Big Crowd Expected for Saturday

Arizona Wildcats quarterback Matt Scott looks on during the first half against the Oklahoma State Cowboys.
Arizona Wildcats quarterback Matt Scott looks on during the first half against the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

While the SI Curse and Juju battle it out to see who hates us more, we'll slip on by for the win on Saturday. Let's hit the quack pipe and get out of dodge.

  • Tomorrow, the Arizona Wildcats make there way to the hallowed halls of Autzen Stadium to take on our beloved Oregon Ducks. If you are looking for some defensive names to follow on the Arizona side of the ball, Autzen Zoo introduces us to Jake Fischer, Jared Tevis, and Tra'Mayne Bondurant. I can see the game going in a bunch of different ways but for some reason Arizona always scares me. When I see such big vegas lines and two offenses that are supposed to score a bunch of points, I can only predict one possible outcome. Defensive battle.
  • For those that follow Chesterfield, the ATQ Twitter Gorilla, you may have noticed some tweets over the past two days that LeBron James of the NBA's Miami Heat posted up some pictures of Oregon Duck swag he had in his possession. Celebrities sporting our gear is kind of a mixed bag for me. On one hand, I really enjoy the whole "Your Favorite Team's Favorite Team" moniker and all that comes with it. There is a certain sense of pride seeing famous people support the same team you support. On the other hand, they are celebrities. They wouldn't be here if we weren't winning.
  • Friend of the Blog and Australian hair model, Adam Jude, gives us this amazing look at Oregon Ducks offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich. It's well known that the coaching staff's continuity has been a major factor in Oregon's success in the Chip Kelly era. The problem that we are going to face, sooner rather than later, is that all of Oregon's coaches are "rising stars" and eventually they are going get their opportunity somewhere. They have unfinished business here right?... RIGHT?
  • In Football recruiting news, the Ducks will host recruit Jordon Hoiem on an unofficial visit this weekend for Arizona. In fact, this is a big recruiting weekend so if you are going to the game, be loud, be courteous to other fans and show them what Autzen Power is really like!
  • We have a great chance of seeing a full house this Saturday as standing room only tickets have gone on sale. As much as we collectively grumped about pricing of tickets for the season, it appears that the Athletic Department will keep their sellout streak and they won't take any sort of hit in terms of lost revenue from the price increases. My hope is that the department now knows where the line is and can adjust accordingly.
And finally, I want to give a special shoutout to my co-worker Owen who sent his son off to college at the U of O yesterday. For a lot of parents, this is both an exciting and an incredible stressful time of year. For today's video, I wanted to showcase one of my favorite music videos from "On the Rocks" as they perform "Call me a Duck". Don't worry parents, you'll get throw this and if nothing else, you are welcome to grab a free beer at my tailgate on Saturday to help make things better.