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ATQ BlogPoll, Week 4

ATQ BlogPoll, Week 4: Little Brother rises, while the "B1G" still sucks


It was a great weekend of college football as several top teams went down, including UCLA, who was manhandled by Oregon State's defense and Sean Mannion's precise QB play. College GameDay was in Tallahassee for a matchup of two top 10 teams in Florida State and Clemson, though for my money neither one looked like a national title contender. Everyone has been raving about Florida State's defense but they looked very beatable to me and nowhere near the same quality as an Alabama or LSU.

On the heels of three turnovers, the Kansas State Wildcats knocked off an Oklahoma Sooners team that many (except Tako and Noah) pegged as a national title contender.

And another weekend, another ranked "B1G" team lost, as the Michigan Wolverines fell to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish courtesy of SIX Michigan turnovers. On to the bullet points about this week's poll:

  • Last week our poll won an award for second highest deviation in rankings from the previous week. This is due both to the wildcard genius of Tako and I as we are forward thinkers and ahead of our time, but also to the fact that we tend to disagree on our rankings after the top 5 teams. This week is no different. I kept Clemson in the top 25, moving them to 16, while Tako didn't rank them at all. I also kept UCLA ahead of Nebraska at 19 and 21 respectively, while Tako had Nebraska at 17, five spots ahead of UCLA at 22. I also ranked Ohio State at 24, while Tako had them at 13.
  • Each of us had two teams in our top 25 that the other one neglected to rank. The four teams in the top 25 that we disagreed on were Oklahoma State, Clemson, Ohio, and Arizona State. Tako had Arizona State and Ohio at 25 and 24 respectively, while I had Oklahoma State at 23 and Clemson at 16.
  • LSU, West Virginia, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Oklahoma State all dropped in our poll despite winning their games. None of them looked particularly impressive in beating lesser foes.
  • Finally, Little Brother made the biggest jump, moving up 16 spots to number nine.
Are we completely crazy and delusional? Let us know in the comments section below. Full BlogPoll after the jump.