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Quack Fix: Mariota impresses, Kelly is please while Aliotti is not, Duck reserves get chance to shine

So is everyone exhausted from their bender of 4 straight days of college football? I know I am. I could really use a pick me up of some quack, so let's get right to it.

  • Couple of pieces from Kevin Gemmell looking at the Pac 12 week. First some helmet stickers where De'Anthony Thomas makes the list. I know Kelly doesn't like running up the score, but could you imagine if the starters had stayed in the entire game? The second is a round up of what we learned from the Pac 12 this week. Mariota was definitely stunning and yes, Oregon is just as far ahead in the North as USC is in the South.
  • Chip Kelly obviously liked what he saw from the team on Saturday. Can't really blame him when the offense only ran about 4 different plays all game. I would love to hear what Aliotti had to say after he watched the film on Sunday.
  • There's a lot of praise for Mariota going around right now, and for good reason too. But leaders and guys that teammates will rally around, aren't made in one and half quarter of play. We'll see what Mariota is really made of the moment he faces a comeback or a tense moment of execution. So far the young kid's poise looks unflappable.
  • There was plenty of time for the reserves on Saturday, and for the most part, they didn't really impress. Still was good for a lot of these kids to be able to make their debut in a duck uniform. Of the bench guys that did stand out, Bralon Addison looks like a player, BJ Kelley really made some good plays at receiver and Eric Dargan looked solid in relief at safety.
  • Well the sell out streak continues. WHEW! That was a close one, I don't know if I'd root for the Ducks next week if they didn't sell out all their games.
  • Glad Carson York was able to get in on Saturday. Still haven't heard (and most likely won't) about the status of Jared Ebert and Tyler Johnstone.

Plenty of quack and videos out there about the game. Should have some more for you on Fresno State later this week. Leave any other quack you find in the comments.