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College Gameday and Early Game Open Thread


Week 2 is upon us and the Fresno State Bulldogs come rumbling in to town. Will Marcus Mariota throw an incompletion this game? Will De'Anthony Thomas break the land speed record? Will the Bulldogs trying to keep pace with Oregon's speed while on offense cause Autzen Stadium to light up the third digit on the scoreboard for the first time ever?

My viewing guide for the college football weekend with some picks against the spread for entertainment purposes only.

The kickoff with a rundown of the matchup.

When Oregon has the ball.

When Fresno State has the ball.

Why each team has a shot at winning.

Full game listing after the jump.

6 am - College Gameday from College Station, Texas starts on ESPNU

7 - College Gameday starts on ESPN

9 - UCF at Ohio State ESPN2, Miami at Kansas State on FX, Penn State at Virginia ABC, Auburn at Mississippi State on ESPN

12:30 - WKU at Bama on ESPN3, USC at Syracuse on ABC, Air Force at Michigan on ESPN2, Purdue at Notre Dame on NBC, Florida at Texas A&M on ESPN

1 - Wisconsin at Oregon State on FX

3:30 - Fresno State at Oregon (a pregame thread will start at/around 2:30) on the Pac-12 network

4 - Washington at LSU on ESPN (One of my favorite matchups of the day. Geaux Tigers)

4:30 - Nebraska at UCLA on FOX

4:45 Georgia at Missouri on ESPN2

5 - Vanderbilt at Northwestern (Big-10 Network)

7:30 - Oklahoma State at Arizona PAC-12, Duke at Stanford, Illinois at Arizona State ESPN