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Quack Fix: The Magic of Matthew Knight Arena, Liz Brenner and the 2013 Football Schedule

If this isn't one of the greatest 7 day stretches in State of Oregon sports history, I'm not sure what is.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Pardon me for not having my usual plethora of quack today. I'm tired and I'm on a conference call.

- If you've been waiting for the perfect moment to get back into Oregon Basketball before they do something incredible, you may have missed your opportunity and you'll need to wait for the next one. The men's basketball team gave the Arizona Wildcats their first (really second) loss of the season, 70-66, at Matthew Knight Arena last night in one of those magic moments you don't see come along very often. In fact, that win may have completely changed the Pac-12 Championship race.

- We've talked about it at length, but I'm really excited for the 2013 Football schedule that was released. Pac-12 fanbases have been blasting the SEC for not traveling outside of their own region in terms of out of conference schedule. With Tennessee coming to Autzen, this is a huge opportunity to not only reaffirm the magic of Autzen but also to fire another salvo in the "SEC vs. the World" war. On the surface, most of us are looking at that as an easy win given the talent come back for both teams but this is definitely a big game and there is more pressure there than just a regular old game. When the game finally comes, it will be message-sending time.

- Liz Brenner was nominated for the James E. Sullivan Award which recognizes the nation's top all-sports amateur. If she doesn't get the award, my guess is that she'll just use that freed up time to take up 2-3 more varsity sports.

And finally, if you've ever wanted to know what it's like to be a drunk fan trying to rush the court after a big win, we've got the perfect video for you.