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DuckTerritory: Quarterback Bryan Bennett to remain at Oregon; Linebacker Anthony Wallace to Transfer

Backup QB Bryan Bennett has decided to stay at Oregon, albeit on the defensive end, while linebacker Anthony Wallace will transfer.


According to Chris Courtney of, quarterback Bryan Bennett will remain at Oregon, rather than transfer as had been widely speculated. Bennett has played significant minutes the past two seasons as the backup quarterback, including a start at Colorado in 2011. Interestingly, Bennett will make the switch to defense, rather than remain as the backup QB, presumably to try and get a regular role on the team. Bennett played defensive back in high school, and could end up as a safety next season. Bennett has two years of eligibilty remaining at Oregon. Bennett is an elite athlete, and its exciting news that he has decided to stay in Eugene.

Meanwhile, sophomore linebacker Anthony Wallace will transfer. Wallace burned his redshirt two years ago late in the season as injured decimated the linebacking corps, but has never been able to get higher than third string, currently behind Derrick Malone, Rodney Hardrick, and Rahim Cassell on the depth chart. Wallace has two years of eligibility, plus a redshirt year remaining, so having to sit out a year due to transfer will not hurt him. We wish Anthony the best of luck at his next stop.