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Quack Fix: Time for some top 25 basketball

Now that's the way to start a Pac 12 basketball season. A tough road test against a scrappy underachieving OSU team and then back-to-back victories at home against the 2 Arizona schools. Plenty of quack out there so let's dive right in:

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports
  • Great weekend of basketball for the Ducks! First of all they pulled off a stunner against #4 ranked Arizona and then backed it up with by surviving a solid test from the undefeated in conference Sun Devils.
  • Jude also has a recap of last night's game as well and remarks on the "noticeably less buzz inside Matthew Knight." From watching on TV it sounded like the crowd had its moments, but I don't think anyone expected it to be at the same level as the UA game. My question is will it continue to improve?
  • Clark wonders if Oregon was playing for a spot in the top 25. I have to say yes. I'm sure the polls will be out later today, and expect to see 2 new Pac 12 names, one of which Oregon will be taking on this weekend, on the list.
  • Ken Goe is starting his Oregon T&F Rundown pieces again and starts this one off with an interesting question. Will Oregon see traction with an indoor Track facility soon? I really don't know where Oregon could house that type of facility, but let me pose something, does it have to be in Eugene? With the OTC/Portland, OTC/Eugene and Nike Oregon Project all in the state, would it be possible to put the facility someplace that is a bit more accessible to travelers? Would it make sense to house it in Portland, call it the University of Oregon indoor track facility and make it accessible to all three professional training groups? What are your thoughts?
  • Here is your weekly, Oregon women's basketball team lost again link.
  • Finally, in case you missed it, Anthony Wallace has decided to transfer and there is talk of Bryan Bennett moving to the defensive side of the ball. First of all, the Wallace transfer sucks. For a kid that burned his red-shirt half way through the season last year and then struggled to find the field, I would have hoped he would be able to start to put it together this offseason and make a play for one of the 2 vacant linebacker positions next year. On Bennett, I'm glad he's sticking around and rarely is it a bad thing to have more athletic guys on the defensive side and who knows how healthy Patterson is going to be to start the year next year.

That's all the quack I got. Leave any other pieces in the comments and finally, HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHHA Seachickens, what's your deal?