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Quack Fix: Football Positional Reviews, Basketball Galore, and Oprah

Still basking in the glow of a great weekend of Oregon Men's basketball and the most impressive team thus far, the quack fix comes bearing Oregon football links. The lady Ducks are battling the Oregon State Beavers in Civil War basketball and Lance Armstrong (allegedly) discusses his PED use with Oprah. Go.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

The bad news is the Quack Fix is a little behind today. The good news is that there are Oregon football links. FOOBAW.

  • Rob Moseley of the Register Guard (but you already knew that) started his football season positional reviews. Yesterday he went over the quarterback position and justifiably says that Marcus Mariota was the best quarterback for the offense since Dennis Dixon. I wonder if in 30 years we're still going to be comparing quarterbacks to Dennis Dixon. Discuss.
  • Also, posted today was the running backs review. Kenjon Barner was a great replacement for LaMichael James as he was a workhorse, most notably in the matchup against USC. Now the pressure comes to De'Anthony Thomas and Byron Marshall who will be most likely splitting carries in spring and heading in to the new season. Moseley says there is good reason to believe that Thomas Tyner, running back, and Dontre Wilson, tazer, can step in and contribute this next season.
  • I know Lance Armstrong has been discussed here before, but unless you've been under a rock, you're probably aware he made a trip to Oprah's couch and filmed a segment confessing PED use. It is interesting that he chose to go to Oprah, and the he changed his story so drastically in order to maybe race again. My two cents is that I'm not "let down" by the use of PEDs, especially since that's the current world of sports and PED use has been in cycling since its inception, I'm concerned that he tried to publicly humiliate everyone that accused him of PED use. Now sponsors and newspapers are asking for money back so there are a lot more problems for Lance Armstrong.
  • You've seen photos and videos discussing Oregon's quack cave, but if you want to know what people do in there, this is the article to read, written by Quack Cave correspondent Kayla Glanville.

That's all the quack and a firestarter for a conversation I've got, so if you find any more quack, it is your duty to post it below, as an American, and Duck fan.