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You Can Apply To Be The Next Head Football Coach of the Oregon Ducks

Here's how you can apply to be Oregon's next head football coach.

Jonathan Ferrey

The University of Oregon already has a job listing up for a new head football coach (h/t Deadspin).

Among the more interesting aspects of the job:

Participates in public relations activities, to include fundraising appearances, speaking engagements, television and radio interviews, and press conferences, as approved or requested. Represents the Department at professional, civic, charitable and alumni events.

Maybe that will keep the "unnamed donors" in Portland happy.

Before you start wondering why this is up, when the successor is all but guaranteed, remember that this is a government agency, and there are still i's to be dotted and t's to be crossed. Nothing will become official until after Oregon can interview a minority candidate to satisfy Oregon's version of the Rooney rule. People will still be eager to interview with the school because an impressive interview can get their name out there and land them the next interview.

Of course, you could always apply. However, if you're reading this instead of eagerly trying to poach Oregon's recruiting class right now, you're probably not qualified.