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Chip Kelly Leaves Oregon: What is his Ducks legacy?

How will Oregon fans remember the Chip Kelly era?

Jeff Gross

The Chip Kelly era at Oregon has brought the program to unprecedented heights. Kelly's record at Oregon is stunning: 46-7 in four seasons. Four BCS games. Two BCS wins. Three Pac-12 titles. His players love him. And he's done all this for a program that isn't exactly a historical power, even if Mike Bellotti did a lot to put them on the national map.

However, Kelly wasn't without his complaints. He was gruff with the local media. Booster didn't appreciate that he wasn't interested in gladhandling. Fans complained of practices being closed. There are inevitable feelings of betrayal as Kelly left Oregon just over a week after saying he would stay. Finally, there is a matter of the NCAA investigation into the Willie Lyles incident that stands to be linked with the Chip Kelly era.

So now that he's gone, will memories of the good times be the overwhelming memory, or will the warts, in hindsight, stand out a little bit more? How will you most remember the Chip Kelly era?