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Quack Fix: Reaction to Kelly's departure, Kelly speaks, Basketball plays at USC

Hope everyone is recovered from a pretty crazy day of college football news. In today's quack fix, we cover the reaction to Chip Kelly going to the Philadelphia Eagles, Kelly's comments to the Philadelphia media, and try to remember the basketball team playing tonight.

Steve Dykes

First off, don't forget to check out some of the many articles Dave published yesterday. From Kelly's legacy, to what we know about Helfrich, and so much more, he put out a ton of great stuff, so if you missed it, scroll down the ATQ front page. Also, check out our recruiting hub, where we have not only our articles checking in with Oregon's soft commits, but have compiled a number of articles by the guys at SBNation recruiting who were on top of everything yesterday. With that, on to the quack:

  • The big question to most national pundits. Will Oregon be able to replace the most successful coach in school history? Matt Hinton tackles the topic at CBS. And you should check out that article just for a bit of a reminder of just how freaking amazing Chip's offenses have been.
  • Spencer Hall does what he does best. His instant reaction sums up a lot of questions for Duck fans and college football in general, but also says that Chip Kelly was himself just another piece of the Oregon machine.
  • Jason Kirk is already arguing with NFL analysts on Chip Kelly's hire. It should be fun seeing how Chip operates in the NFL.
  • Rob Moseley has a roundup of some player and recruit reaction. With a lot of veteran leadership on the team, I'm not concerned for 2013. But keeping the culture at Oregon will be a challenge for the new coaching staff.
  • Kelly's gone, and already talking with the Philadelphia media. In a quick statement after landing, Kelly noted that what took him so long to make a decision was the great people in Oregon, but in the end the challenge of the NFL was too much.
  • On to some other sports! Oregon basketball is down in LA to take on USC tonight, to try and go 4-0 in conference play. Here's Bob Clark's preview. USC will be without recently fired coach Kevin O'Neill, so that should be interesting. The game will be on ESPNU.

That's all I got for now. If you have anything else, drop it in the comments. GO DUCKS!