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Will Chip Kelly Make You A Philadelphia Eagles Fan?

How much will you be rooting for Chip Kelly at the next level?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly is out, gone for the greener pastures of Philadelphia. As he's said, he's "burned the boats." The question is, will you go with him?

Many Oregon fans will assuredly watch at least parts of some Eagles games next season to see how Kelly works out in the NFL. I've never been an NFL fan, but I'm certainly going to do that. I'm very curious about how he will adjust his principles to fit what is a pretty vanilla pro game.

But how much does that mean I'll watch? How much will you watch?

I can see myself "rooting" for the Eagles to succeed, and generally preferring them to other NFL teams in a sport which I haven't really ever had any allegiances. Would that translate into actual, emotional fandom? I won't rule it out completely, but I certainly wouldn't expect it. It would have to hook me in some special way that the NFL just hasn't done yet.

But, like I said, I will be tuning in a bit. And I'm curious how much other Duck fans will tune in. Will you be curious, but not really rooting? Do you already have an NFL team, but could see yourself rooting for the Eagles in other games? Could you not care less? Do you want Chip Kelly to fail?

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