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Mark Helfrich to be Announced as Head Football Coach in 1pm PST Press Conference

I, for one, welcome our new Oregon Ducks Football overlords! This email went out to donors today. While it doesn't say anything about the status of other coaches, we might get some information at the streamed press conference later today.

Later today, we will announce Mark Helfrich as our new head football coach,

Mark is a native Oregonian, poised to continue on the winning culture of Oregon football. We are one of the premier programs in the nation and with Coach Helfrich at the helm, we will continue our standard of excellence.

Coach Helfrich exemplifies excellence, leadership and character. He is one of the brightest offensive minds in college football, and he has played a leading role in the prolific numbers we have put up over the past four seasons. He has embraced our unique culture and I am confident we will continue to achieve at the highest levels under his directions.

Twice in the past eighteen years we have been faced with replacing our Head Coach and both times we continued our ascent. The foundation of success began with Coach Brooks and has steadily moved forward with Coaches Bellotti and Kelly. Since 1990, Oregon football has the highest winning percentage of any team in the Pac-12 and ranks in the Top Thirteen in the country.

The hallmark of our football program has been continuity. We have been able to maintain the majority of our assistant coaches, many of whom have been here long enough to witness the rise of the program.

We will have a press conference later this afternoon at 1 p.m. PT to introduce Coach Helfrich and you can watch live at

Thank you for your continued support of Oregon football and we are excited about writing another outstanding chapter in our history.



Rob Mullens