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College Basketball Rankings: Oregon Ducks move up to No. 16 in AP, No. 19 in Coaches

The Oregon Ducks are the big movers in this week's college basketball polls.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The new college basketball rankings came out today, and the Oregon Ducks were the big movers in this weeks polls.

The Ducks, ranked No. 21 in the AP poll last week, moved up to No. 16 in that poll following their weekend sweep in Los Angeles. Arizona is the only other Pac-12 team ranked in the AP Poll this week, at No. 6. Duke took the top spot, followed by Michigan, Kansas, Syracuse, and Louisville rounding out the top-five. UCLA dropped out of the poll following their home loss to Oregon, and were in the "receiving votes" category.

After mysteriously being unranked in last week's Coaches poll, the Ducks entered that ranking, checking in at No. 19. The top-six are the same in both polls, as Arizona checks in at No. 6 in the Coaches poll as well. UCLA is also in the "receiving votes" category, though much further down in that category than they do in the AP.

The Ducks return home this week to face the Washington schools, and will play Washington State on Wednesday night.