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Quack Fix: Oregon tops WSU, baseball practice starts, Huff goes to court

In today's quack fix, we cover the Ducks big comeback against WSU, some recruiting news, and the baseball team's return to the field.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports
  • And the Ducks are now 6-0 in conference play. The basketball team completed a big comeback last night against WSU to stay unbeaten in conference and extend their home win streak to 19 games. Oregon looks to continue both streaks against washington on Saturday.
  • In some recruiting news, it sounds like the new Oregon coaching staff is locking it down. According to ESPN, the Robinson twins were wowed by the coaches and have cancelled their trip to Ohio State.
  • After angering a lot of Duck fans with a threat of inquiry into Oregon's coaching search, representative Steve Greenlick got his answers regarding Oregon's hiring of Mark Helfrich. So, isn't that fun?
  • Oregon baseball practice is back this week, and after being so close to Omaha last year, are working to get there this year. With so much coming back, and pitcher Christian Jones returning from season-long injury, the Ducks look to be in good shape. But two years ago they couldn't handle expectations, so we'll have to wait and see how this group handles this pressure.
  • For more from baseball media day, KVAL has a 30-minute interview with coach George Horton.
  • Never forget, Mark Emmert is a Husky.
  • Josh Huff's DUI trial kicked off yesterday, and the prosecution was claiming that Huff was under the influence of marijuana. According to testimony, Huff failed one blood test, but according to his attorney, passed a second.
  • Speaking of receivers, Moseley has his look at the receivers in 2012. I was really happy with their play this year. A healthy Huff made a big difference, and other young talent made an impact. Expectations will be very high for the group in 2013.

Got anything else? Drop it in the comments. GO DUCKS!