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Quack Fix: Huff Cleared in DUII Case, Chip Kelly's House, Dion Jordon and Kenjon Barner

I read complaints by people every day talking about our attendance at basketball games. I know our Men's Basketball team has been great this year and they should have as much support that we can possibly give them, but here's the rub.


We've become a "football school", an extremely successful football school and it's VERY tough to be both a football school and basketball school. Taking nothing away from our basketball team but it's just going to take time for people to commit to both, especially given the Duck Athletic Fund changes from a few years ago where points are calculated separately for donations.

Onto the quack

  • Josh Huff was found not guilty on a charge of intoxicated driving in Eugene Municipal Court on Thursday. Outside of the fact that I found myself reading a "live tweet stream" of the trial which is bizarre in of itself, I was very interested to find out about Huff having balance problems due to his recent surgery, the cold, and his historically bad balance issues. If you want to have a lot of fun, go back and read all of the comments on ATQ when news of Huff's arrest broke. I especially like the ones suggesting he should be suspended for the year.
  • There was some talk a few days ago about Chip Kelly's house in North Eugene. found a picture of it and some specs. Also turns out that someone ran over his lawn with a truck after it was announced that he was heading to the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Here's some NFL Draft information on one of my favorite Oregon Ducks of all time, Dion Jordon.
  • Great feature on former Oregon running back Kenjon Barner and how he learned "patience" during his career at Oregon. As the article notes, he could have transferred at any time during his career to become the feature back for another program but he stayed and became one of the top rushers in Oregon history. Last year would have been interesting if Kenjon had transferred and LaMichael James had departed early for the NFL.

And finally, our Friday Video of the Week takes on a more serious tone this week as we continue our journey through 2013. My fondest memory of Chip Kelly's tenure at Oregon wasn't the wins and losses or the quotes he would blast out at news conferences. It was a moment from a Spring Game a few years ago that will resonate forever in my brain. As Kelly looked on, a young little boy was attempting to kick field goals for a chance at a prize. He missed a few times, kept trying and finally succeeded. It might be common place for a person in Chip's position to just clap a bit, smile, shake hands with parents and go about his business but that's not what happened. Chip ran over, picked the kid up in his arm, twirled with a big grin on his face and congratulated him in the biggest and best way possible.

I'll never forget that moment. It always reminds me of the good in people and how important family and friends can be in our lives. We complain often about how terrible things are on the court, field, or track but at the end of the day, we all have people in our lives that at some point, just like Chip, lifted us up and made us feel like the greatest person in the world.

With that, I give you this week's video. Have a great weekend!