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Oregon Ducks drop Nevada, add Virginia to 2013 football schedule

The Ducks add Virginia of the ACC to the 2013 football schedule.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon has made a late change to the 2013 football schedule, dropping a trip to Nevada in exchange for a home-and-home series with the University of Virginia. Oregon will travel to Charlottesville in 2013, while Virginia will return the trip to Autzen in 2016. It is unknown whether the Ducks will ultimately make a trip to Reno, though I'm betting it's unlikely, as Oregon doesn't have space for an away game until at least 2023.

This series came about on Virginia's end after Penn State recently cancelled a game with the Cavaliers for next season in order to play Central Florida. It allows Oregon to fill their spot for a BCS home game in 2016, something that was going to prove impossible without cancelling either this game or the 2017 Wyoming trip. This opportunity came along, and was taken (though it wouldn't shock me to see the Wyoming trip ultimately cancelled as well).

Virginia was 4-8 last season. The Ducks have not played an ACC team in the regular season since a loss to Miami in 1958.