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Weekend Quack Fix: Say it ain't so, don't go

The other posts were getting a little full and with all the Chip Kelly news circulating, I thought it would be a good idea to start a weekend quack fix to discuss what is going on. So let's see what we can find:

Raise your hand if you're staying in Eugene next year.  I see you Kelly.
Raise your hand if you're staying in Eugene next year. I see you Kelly.

  • Obviously the biggest news is regarding Chip Kelly and his interviews with NFL teams. Initial reports were that he was close to a deal with the Browns. Now word is he's still holding interviews with Bills and Eagles as well. The more "actual" news that hits the more it looks like Kelly is doing exactly what he said he would do, take the interviews and see what they have to say. Until I see him holding a press conference in one of those cities I'm still very skeptical.
  • Fentress believes Kelly should do what's best for Kelly. Well, ok. First of all, when has Kelly ever not done what is best for Kelly? Second of all, who is anyone, including certain media members, to tell Kelly what is best for him? I personally don't find myself yet in the "wish him best camp" especially if he makes a dumb decision and goes to a terrible organization in the NFL. Obviously I want Kelly to succeed, just like I wanted DT to last year, that doesn't mean I should support Kelly going to a poorly run NFL franchise.
  • Musician Mat Kearney made his bid last night for keeping Kelly in Eugene.
  • Last Kelly link. Here is the full post game press conference where Kelly talks about his process and what he's looking for in the interviews as well as some of his thoughts on the Fiesta Bowl.
  • The Civil War is Sunday night, and this is easily the biggest game of the Ducks early season. I'm sure Dave will have his usual preview and game thread later, but if Oregon is going to make a run at a tourney bid, they have to win games like this. It will be interesting to see how the front courts match up tonight as well as how Oregon handles the different defensive looks that Robama and the Bavers throw at them.
  • The women's team didn't fare that well in their conference opener last night. This is going to be a long last season for the lady Ducks I'm afraid.

Well that it for quack now. I'm sure more tweets, twats and twits will come out regarding Kelly throughout the day and weekend. Feel free to leave any quack you find in the comments below.