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Chip Kelly no longer being considered by Cleveland Browns

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ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting that Chip Kelly will not be the next head coach in Cleveland.


This is interesting:

With the Buffalo Bills having already hired Syracuse's Doug Marrone, this whittles the options down to two: either Chip Kelly is the next head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, or Chip Kelly will be returning to Oregon.

Philadelphia is a very attractive job. Its a traditionally well-run organization with a recent history of success, and have talented players, such as LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, and Desean Jackson, that would be nice fits in Kelly's system. It is also a northeast location that would be closer to Kelly's roots. The could be hammering out the final details as I write this, and Kelly could be starring in a Philadelphia press conference tomorrow morning.

Of course, it also means that a return to Eugene has to be considered a legitimate possibility as well. And if Kelly turns down the NFL for a second year in a row, you have to wonder if he's at Oregon for the long haul.