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Digital Ducks: Arsalan Kazemi and Johnathan Loyd Talk About Preparations for the Undefeated Arizona Wildcats.

Hear from two of Oregon's more experienced players as they prepare to face #4 Arizona on Thursday night.

Technical difficulties or not, the show must go on.
Technical difficulties or not, the show must go on.
Jeff Gross

Unfortunately, journalism's worst nightmare – technical difficulties – reared it's ugly head this afternoon, as I fear my recording device is on its last legs. My recording of Dana Altman's comments was warped and unusable, and you'll have to crank the volume up to hear Arsalan Kazemi and Johnathan Loyd's commentary. Again, my apologies.

As for what the players said, Kazemi faced off against the Wildcats while at Rice and was very complimentary of their effort, saying that the coaches and players have been preaching that they'll need to be going all-out for the entire 40 minutes to have a chance to succeed.

As for his health, Kazemi admitted that he was "exhausted" for a couple of days after taking a blow to the head against Nevada last month, and dealt with headaches before being cleared to play against Oregon State.

For his part, Loyd was pretty excited about the prospect of facing an undefeated Arizona squad in their first trip to Matthew Knight Arena, calling it the biggest game to be played thus far in the new digs.

That obviously wasn't the party line as Altman was none too pleased with his junior guard's comments, commenting that he had just talked about his team's quiet demeanor before being asked about Loyd's earlier remarks.