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ATQ Podcast Episode 9 -- Matt Daddy was right (with special guest Adam Butler of

Chip Kelly returns, a Fiesta Bowl recap, and a huge basketball matchup are among the topics discussed on this week's episode.


Wednesday brings us another episode of the ATQ Podcast, and there was much to discuss. Matt Daddy has been telling us all along that Chip Kelly would be returning to the Oregon Ducks, and he makes sure that we all remember that fact. We speculate on Chip's return, both why he did it, what it means for the program, and whether or not we'll sit through this all again next season. We also recap a little Fiesta Bowl victory.

The second half is loaded with hoops talk, and we have a special guest, Adam Butler of We preview the big basketball matchup with No. 4 Arizona on Thursday. We also go around the conference, discussing most programs in the conference, especially Arizona State and UCLA. If you're a basketball fan, it is as fun a hoops discussion as we've had on the show.

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