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Oregon Ducks Football: Tuesday Practice Report

Today we have the rehabbing De'Anthony Thomas, Coaches Helfrich and Aliotti

Right before De'Anthony stops being fast.
Right before De'Anthony stops being fast.
Steve Dykes

The rain came down in buckets today as it continued to not rain at Autzen Stadium (/snark). Practice was inside the Mo Center and we get to hear from a few select choices.

De'Anthony Thomas was all smiles today as he came out in full pads and a walking boot. He spoke on the elements of his injury and has a humorous anecdote about speaking with his family and when to cut and when to simply "run straight."

Coach Aliotti talks about his defense and the improvements he has seen specifically out of Joe Walker. He also goes into his personal philosophy on whether he would rather shut out his opponent or see experience for all of his players. He also speaks about Paul Richardson and what they can do to slow him down.

Coach Helfrich talks more about the changes at Colorado and talks about other weapons the offense will have, specifically their running backs.