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Oregon Ducks Football: Thursday Practice Report

In the last practice before a road trip we hear from coach Helfrich and Bralon Addison

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

One final practice for the Ducks in the Mo before they make the trip to Seattle. Both De'Anthony Thomas and Ricky Havili-Heimuli practiced and both had a very minor limp as they walked down to the cryo tubs.

Coach Helfrich starts by talking about the readiness of the team and how it compared to their apparent readiness against the Buffaloes. He speaks to the team doing the right things and being ready to go up against who appears to be the stiffest competition the Ducks have faced to this point in the season. Helfrich also gives insight as to whether De'Anthony is close to 100% at this point in the week.

Bralon Addison talks about the difference between being a quarter back and a wide receiver. He also gives insight as to how having so many converted qbs at wr has benefitted the offense as a whole. Addison talks about kick coverage and what he has told the other players who may be back returning kicks for the Ducks on Saturday.

Mark Helfrich

Bralon Addison