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Oregon Ducks Volleyball Open Thread Vs. USC Trojans

Looking for something to do after beating Washington yesterday? Volleyball!

JF Trochez

Simply put, Oregon has their work cut out for them when USC comes into town today to play the Ducks. The Trojans are the top rated team in the country with very few weaknesses.

After beating UCLA 3-1 on Friday, Coach Jim Moore said that he does not want to get down 1-0 like Oregon did on Friday against the Bruins.

Lauren Plum is still out with an ankle injury and in her absence, Shellsy Ashen has made the most of the opportunity tallying 51 assists against the Bruins in Oregon's second consecutive win over a ranked opponent.

USC is a whole different animal though and if Oregon can take a set from the #1 one loss team in the nation, you can put that in the win column for Oregon. Honestly, expect a straight set win for USC, but as they say "That's why they play the games..."

TV: Pac-12 Network

Radio: KWVA 88.1

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