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Revisiting the De'Anthony Thomas "Super Juke"

It's been awhile since we've had a good old fashion Media Wednesday post but I just couldn't let this week go by without revisiting one of my favorite Oregon Ducks plays in the Chip Kelly era.

Steve Dykes

I was sitting in section 17, one of the corner sections of Autzen Stadium. My wife and I were enjoying the game (although it was probably a little close for my liking). Just then, De'Anthony Thomas caught a pass which, at the time, looked to be about a 7-8 yard gain with a defender in position to arm tackle him.

He broke the tackle and started up the sidelines. My wife and I rose to our feet as Thomas came right towards us. "Surely he was going to get tackled" we thought and then the magic happen. To the left, to the right, back to the left, to the right again... and pow! The Oregon Ducks have a touchdown, the crowd is cheering, and my wife and I are laughing are heads off.

De'Anthony Thomas 45 yard reception for TD vs WSU 10/29/2011 (via madmike1951)