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Quack Fix: Timothy the Pidgeon, Back to the 90's, and De'Anthony Thomas set to return

Your daily dose of Oregon Ducks news. We have updates on community reaction to Timothy the Pigeon, how Football's success has translated to recruiting, how an NFL's ruling may dramatically impact a local company, and more.

Who doesn't?
Who doesn't?
Steve Dykes

Highlights (from Oregon's official practice reports)

  • Yesterday was "walk-through day" as it normally is on Thursdays.
  • Lots of comments from players regarding Colt Lyerla and the news that came out a few days ago.
  • Some player parental units were in attendance during today's practice.
  • Mark Helfrich is planning on being on site for at least a portion of ESPN Gameday on Saturday.


Blurb of the Day

Your drug test came back clean, Tako. The same can't be said for Rece and Jesse.

Friday Video of the Week

UCLA week always reminds me of Cade McNown. If you know who that is, then you already know what's going to be shown in this video without me having to say anything. It was 15 years ago that UCLA quarterback Cade McNown gave us this lasting memory for all to share.

UCLA QB Cade McNown barfs on the field while under center vs. Oregon 10-17-1998 (via keeerrrttt)