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Jersey Contest: Week 10

Jon our free jersey contest at Fun Office Pools.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

We had two perfect scores this week, as both sevendubseven and JonathanPDX both got all six games correctly. Unfortunately, the overall standings are not loading currently, so I can't give you on update on those. Here are your games for this week. You can join for free at Fun Office Pools (password is GoDucks).

As a reminder, Fun Office Pools will open the pool for picks on Tuesday. I am continuing to post the games on Monday to give everyone ample time to think about the games.

Note: We have a Friday game this week, so all picks must be made before kickoff of the first game.

  • USC at Oregon State (-4.5) [Friday Game]
  • Army at Air Force (no spread posted yet)
  • Tennessee at Missouri (-13.5)
  • Michigan at Michigan State (-5.5)
  • Oklahoma State at Texas Tech (-1.5)
  • Miami at Florida State (-21.5)

Good luck to everyone. Rules and more information can be found here.