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Quack Fix: Aliotti Dirty Talk and Oregon's Defense Dominance

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Highlights (from Oregon's victory over Ucla)

  • Mariota has now tossed a TD in each of his first 21 games and was 10-of-10 for 99 yards in the second half on Saturday
  • The defense will continue to get overlooked, but they only allowed 283 yards, the fewest of any Duck opponent this year (you hear that Bruins, Nicholls St had more yards than you!)
  • Five straight 100+ rushing games for Byron Marshall makes it easy to sit DAT if he's not 100%
  • Tony Oregon had a sack for the fifth straight game putting him 2nd in the conference on the year at 7.5. You know, ahead of supposed top 5 draft pick Anthony Barr.


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