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Quack Fix: Trolls Be Trollin', The Ghost of Terrelle Pryor, and Joseph Young

Your daily dose of Oregon Ducks news. We have updates from Tuesday's practice, a key loss for Stanford on defense, how much the pink helmets raised for cancer research and more.


Yesterday, we saw an article come out from a columnist at Oregon Live which contained the text of a letter allegedly penned by a former Oregon Ducks football player. There has been a lot of reaction to that letter and that's exactly what it was designed to do, generate a lot of reaction. I think you have to question the motives here not only in writing it, but also publishing it anonymously.

We get it. We write from behind the cover of screen names and understand the benefits of that. We also can be contacted in real life and don't hide behind anonymity. If the writer of this piece really is a former Oregon Football player, I'm just baffled about how he could react that way and be so sensitive to fans having gone through the Oregon program. All sports EVERYWHERE have these types of fans.

If you are going to basically give out an "F you" to fans that supported you and helped to fund your scholarships, at least stand by your comments with your name. Of course, this could be just another troll job in a long line from a columnist who cites "sources" that don't actually provide anything real.

Trolls be trollin'.

Anyway, enough of the rant. Let's get to the quack.

Highlights (from Oregon's official practice reports)

  • Yesterday's practice was at the outdoor practice facility in t-shirts and shorts (brrr).
  • Bye-week practices began with a non-contact workout.
  • It was a "team-building" event with a focus on treatment, getting healthy and building leaders.
  • Taylor Hart, Brian Jackson and Tyler Johnstone were specifically mentioned.
  • Two days of practice on Wednesday and Thursday, Friday will be off, and then the 5-day game week prep for Stanford begins.


Blurb of the Day

Love this one.