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ATQ Podcast: UCLA Review & Stanford Preview

The ATQ Podcast takes on the UCLA game, previews Stanford, and yawns at Florida State fans.

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Your favorite Oregon Ducks podcast has gotten slightly less regular, but yesterday time was found, and a show was made. Matt Daddy and I break down the UCLA game: just how great was that defense? Whither De'Anthony Thomas' health? How about Marcus Mariota?

We also dig into the Stanford game. Will we get through a Stanford offensive possession without falling asleep? What impact will not having Ben Gardner have? Just how mediocre is Kevin Hogan? How good is that secondary? Is there a playmaker besides Ty Montgomery? And we make a prediction that tempts Juju.

That's not all. We make fun of Oregon State's run game. A lot. And we talk about the giant pest species infestation that is currently infecting the internet: the uber-annoying Florida State fan.

As always, you can listen via the embedded audio, find us on iTunes, or visit the ATQ page on Talkshoe for options to download or subscribe.