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Big 12 Officiating is a Joke

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sport


Apparently, the guy in charge of Big 12 officiating is blind as a bat. This whistle blows after the Iowa State player has the football, and the Texas player isn't down. If the referees had called that forward progress had been stopped, that would have been one thing. But that's not what they called, and that isn't a reviewable play. Instead, they called down by contact, which is curious as the Texas player wasn't down. Mistakes happen in refereeing--but to not correct an obvious one on replay and have the conference office sign off on it?

It's one thing to have an officiating problem--the Pac-12 certainly does. But at least the Pac-12 owns up to it (see ASU/Wisconsin). To refute and ignore common sense and logic is another thing entirely. Looks like math and defense aren't the only jokes in the Big 12 anymore.

The play, for those who haven't yet seen it:


Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads wasn't impressed: