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Quack Fix: We're a Basketball School Anyway

Reuters-USA TODAY Sports

  • Interesting to hear Helfrich say that Oregon needs to get bigger to play with teams like Stanford. The "what ifs" from this game are going to linger a long time, just like the last one and points like this just continue to reinforce the narrative that Oregon is a nice team that can't hang with the big boys of college football.
  • Guess the fans weren't the only ones that "wanted Bama"
  • We might have just dropped our fourth chance in a row at winning a National Championship in football, but let's not forget that Oregon already has a Natty in basketball. This year's team got things started right by picking up a great win against Georgetown.
  • LaMichael James and Kenjon Barner are two of the best backs in Oregon history and they met on an NFL field yesterday. Oh yeah, and Jonathan Stewart was there as well.
  • This is not the same team as last year that made a run to the Championship in women's volleyball, but picking up a sweep over Ucla is never a bad thing.
  • This is a very interesting ruling from the US District Judge regarding the NCAA lawsuit. The ability to file as a class is huge for the athletes as it will allow them to go after larger settlements for less cost individually. However, Judge Claudia Wilkens also removed the ability for athletes to seek money damages for financial losses suffered in the past. This partly makes sense since EA already settled with the players and the contracts between the NCAA and players has been pretty clear. What is interesting though is where the players take it from here. Are there still damages to go after now? Will current players pick up the mantle in order to secure financial rewards for themselves in the future? How does the NCAA react to this financial win? This is long from being over.