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The QuackPoll, Week 11: Jake Tabor Screws Everything Up

Plus, Oregon drops after losing to Stanford.

Why didn't Oregon recruit this Seastrunk guy?
Why didn't Oregon recruit this Seastrunk guy?
Brett Deering

Dom did not submit a ballot this week; he volunteered as tribute.

Rank Team Points (100 max) Change
1 Florida State (2) 98 0
2 Alabama (2) 97 +1
3 Baylor 90 +2
4 Ohio State 88 0
5 Stanford 87 +1
6 Oregon 79 -4
7 Auburn 76 -1
8 Clemson 72 0
9 Missouri 68 0
10 Michigan State 59 +1
11 Oklahoma State 56 +2
12 South Carolina 52 +6
13 UCF 47 +1
14 UCLA 43 +1
15 Fresno State 38 +6
T-16 Oklahoma 37 -6
T-16 Texas A&M 37 +3
T-16 Wisconsin 37 -1
19 Northern Illinois 33 -2
20 Louisville 28 +2
21 LSU 27 -9
22 Arizona State 23 +1
T-23 Minnesota 9 +3
T-23 Texas 9 +4
25 Miami 7 -5

Also receiving votes: Duke, Nebraska, and USC (1 point each)

  • Jake did not submit a ballot last week, and his reappearance is felt in the some of the poll shifting that went on this week, especially in the SEC. South Carolina was on a bye last week, and Texas A&M beat lowly Mississippi State 51-41. But I am an on-record hater of both those teams, and neither Dave, Noah, or I had either team higher than #14 last week. But Jake had USCEast and TAMU at #s 9 and 11 respectively, and with only four balloters that was enough to push those teams up a combined nine spots despite doing very little in Week 11 to improve their standing. Jake's influence also extended to Wisconsin, dropping a spot following a win over BYU thanks to Jake's #22 ranking.
  • The ATQ mods are buying what Baylor is selling, jumping the Bears to #3 following their 41-14 win at Oklahoma. I guess we like any team with green and yellow jerseys and a crazy-good offense.
  • LSU falls the farthest of any team this week, dropping nine spots. I think we're all sick of the SEC.
  • Fresno State jumps ahead of Northern Illinois this week, but NIU matches up this week with 8-1 Ball State. It's really NIU's only chance for a statement win, so they better win big.
  • Oregon falls only to #6, matching their drop in the BCS standings. Our initial reaction was to drop the Ducks like a beat, but after careful consideration, it seemed like ranking Oregon below teams like Missouri or Auburn seemed strange. I'll say this though: if the game had ended 23-0, the Ducks wouldn't have been in my Top 25, out of sheer spite and the fact that I paid $100 to watch that shit.
The bias list this week:
Mod Loves Hates
Dave Wisconsin (#11) Miami (unranked)
Jake South Carolina (#9) Wisconsin (#22)
Noah Clemson (#7) LSU (#22)
Tako Baylor (#2) UCLA (#19)