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12 Pac Review: Right Back Where Oregon Belongs

Oh the sweet tears of unfathomable Shaw sadness
Oh the sweet tears of unfathomable Shaw sadness
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


1. Oregon 44 vs Utah 21 - Mariota still doesn't look 100%, but 288 yards passing, 3 TDs and still no INTs on the year isn't something to scoff at. Oregon took a little over a week off from their top spot in the conference, but thanks to our sword carrying friends to the South, they are right back where they belong. In control of their own destiny in the conference, headed to Tucson with a QB on a gimpy knee. What could go wrong?

2. Stanford 17 at USC 20 - How's that game planning and preparing for 1 team all year thing going Furd? I still can't believe Oregon lost to these guys, but that's what happens when Murphy's Law takes over Oregon's National Championship hopes.

3. Washington St 24 at Arizona 17 - Go ahead and laugh at me putting WSU at #3 in the North, but then go ahead and go look at the conference standings and realize that OSU is probably losing 2 more games, and it will come down to the Apple Cup to see who finishes in this spot.

4. Washingten 31 at Ucla 41 - This was a game that UW needed to win. This was a statement game that UW was back. This was a game UW came out and fumbled on their first 2 possessions and gave Ucla a 14 point lead. Quick stat: Sark's conference road record his first 5 years is 6-15. Willingham's conference road record last 5 years was 5-17. If Seven Win Sark doesn't win the next 2 games and finally finish with 8 in the left column, expect the chatter of him being fired to hit eleventy.

5. Oregon State 17 at ASU 30 - I had no idea who was going to win the Ucla - UW game this week. I have no idea who is going to win the OSU - UW game next week. Both teams need a victory, but both teams have not looked impressive at all since conference play started.

6. Cal 24 at Colorado 41 - Thanks for settling the debate of who is the worst team in the conference this year.


1. Arizona State - They struggled last week with the pesky Utes, but the game against OSU was never really in doubt. They've been inconsistent at times, but have some really solid "parts of games" on their resume. 28 points in a half on Furd looks impressive. Dropping 62 and getting Kifin fired against USC is impressive. Beating Utah by 1 and losing to Notre Dame... not so much.

2. Ucla - The game of the year in the South is this week. If ASU wins they lock up the South. Ucla can put themselves in the driver's seat if they win. Oh and who else thinks the Myles Jack went to Ucla so he could play linebacker is the new Brock Osweiler is tall and Jerome Bettis is from Detroit?

3. USC - Who cares, you just beat a team that lost to Utah. Also, thanks Trojans, never doubted you.

4. Arizona - Was this a trap game for Arizona? I'm not sure, but giving up 319 yards passing to Halliday does not bode well for what Mariota is going to do to your secondary.

5. Utah - They have one conference win... guess who they beat?

6. Colorado - Oh, they have 1 conference win as well. I'm guessing our newest mountain friends aren't loved too much by the teams in the Bay Area this year.

Next Week's Games:

Oregon at Arizona
Cal at Satanford
ASU at Ucla
USC at Colorado
Utah at WSU