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Quack Fix: Ducks Highest Ranked 1 Loss Team

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Highlights (from Oregon's win over Utah)

  • So it took 12 weeks for Frost to realize the pass can set up the run?
  • I'm sure the coaches will all say the right thing with regard to Mariota's health, but his effectiveness running the ball still has to be questioned
  • On the flip side, De'Anthony Thomas looks to be 100% finally and I wonder what the coaches think about his contribution going forward.


  • John Canzano talks about dinner silverware placements and what Utah did wrong in their loss. By the way, screw Canzano, because the narrative he trumpeted about Duck fans being bored with victory turned into fans being disenfranchised with defeat. He really is able to spin any situation into something he wants to talk about that makes him look important.
  • Oregon is the highest ranked 1 loss team right now, but let's be honest that doesn't really matter. Auburn has a chance to jump Oregon by beating Bama and winning the SEC, and 3 other undefeated teams have to lose at least once for Oregon to make it to the Natty. The best case scenario is win the Pac, bring the title back to Oregon and go to the Rose Bowl.
  • Question for the community; given the fact that most likely Oregon is playing for the Rose Bowl and not the National Championship, which team would Oregon fans want to see in the Pac 12 Championship Game? ASU, Ucla (again) or USC?
  • Kick off for the Arizona game will be at 12:30pm on ABC and ESPN2
  • Other news and notes: Women's basketball lost to Sacramento State [having flash backs of OSU in football] and tennis racked up some wins in Seattle

Quote of the Day on Mariota's Injury and Gameplan

Video of the Week

Pac 12 Refs are the worst. I dare anyone to show me evidence on a weekly basis that has championship ramifications with such stupid decision as this: