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Quack Fix: Arizona Fans Looking to ASU, Seth Davis on Ducks Hoops, and Inside the Stress Box

Your daily dose of Oregon Ducks news. We have updates on Arizona fans looking ahead to ASU, a look into the coaches box during football games, a check in with EJ Singler, and more.

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Highlights (from Oregon's official practice reports)

  • Yesterday was "walk-through day" as it normally is on Thursdays.
  • Since Rob couldn't give us any details about the day, he instead gave us a moving piece about Mike Helfrich, Mark's father, who passed away in his hotel room in 2011 as the Ducks were set to take on Arizona. If you read any of the links in the quack fix, check this one out and take a moment to reflect.


  • Rob takes us inside the "Stress Box", another great article shedding light on the inner workings of coaching communication during the game.
  • Seth Davis answers some questions about Oregon Basketball, including some thoughts on how the Ducks matchup with Arizona.
  • For those into recruiting, here's an interview with Reggie Turner who lists Oregon as his number 1 school and has been talking to Oregon RB coach Gary Campbell.
  • Let's check in with former duck EJ Singler who is playing in the NBA D-League with the Idaho Stampede.
  • Maybe Arizona fans have already thrown in the towel and are looking ahead to their game with ASU.

Blurb of the Day

LMJ, big heart.