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12 Pac Review: Failed Expectations

Man, this image hurts. I'm numb to the loss, but this hurts
Man, this image hurts. I'm numb to the loss, but this hurts
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports


1. Stanford 63 vs Cal 13 - It didn't take long for the Cardinal to be put right back in the first place slot and in a position to win their second straight Pac 12 tittle.  Kevin Hogan went all non-Kevin Hogan and complete 17 for 26 for 329 yards and 5 TDs.  Then again Cal's defense has been making QBs looking all non-Kevin Hogany all year.

2. Oregon 16 at Arizona 42 - Expectations are a tricky thing.  Internal expectations can be motivation that push an individual to work hard and succeed.  External expectations aren't a starting point for trust, they're usually an ending point.  Once someone else trusts you, they have an expectation of what you'll do.  Failed expectations are the birth place of some really tough questions, both internally and externally.  This is where the Ducks are at right now.

3. Washington State 49 vs Utah 37 - The Cougs are bowl eligible in their second season under Mike Leach.  They are also playing some of their best football of the year right now, having just blitzed 2 teams the Ducks just went 1-1 against.  62 passes and 0 interceptions for Connor Halliday... I just don't know what to say about that except the Apple Cup is going to be interesting.

4. Washingten 69 at Oregon State 27 - Keith Price didn't play for the Huskies, but he didn't need to.  As a matter of fact, I don't think they needed a QB at all considering they had 3 players rush for more than 140 yards and totaled up 530 on the ground against the olé defense that is the Beavers.

5. Oregon St - The line for "Mike Riley Teams Get Better Throughout the Season" starts over there.  Hmmm, not too many people lining up now a days.

6. Cal - Mercifully the season is over.


1. Arizona St 38 at Ucla 33 - We knew the Pac 12 south would come down to this game for a while, and it was ASU that poured it on in the second quarter to put this game away.  Here's the thing about these two teams though, they're going to get better.  ASU is still really young on offense and defense, and it is clear the players are buying into what Graham is selling.  Expect the ASU, Ucla, USC and Arizona cat fights for Pac 12 South supremacy to continue for some time.

2. Ucla - Hundley leaving or not, this is going to be a scary team next year.  Playing 18 freshman this year and being riddled with injuries only to fight for a Top 15 ranking and 1 game away from the South Division title is nothing to be ashamed of in Westwood.

3. USC 47 at Colorado 29 - If Oregeron beats their cross town rival next week and leads this team to a 10 win season.  Should he get the head coaching job at USC?  If he doesn't, I really don't expect him to stay.  His agent is probably working overtime right now talking to other schools around the country.

4. Arizona - Props to Rich Rod and the Wildcats.  A week after probably their most embarrassing loss of the season, they played their hearts out and took down the Pac's giant.  Also, I'm kinda tired of QB's that couldn't pass against a middle school defense turning into Peyton Manning against the Ducks.

5. Utah - You're not that bad on paper.  Probably wish your games were played on paper cause they suck on a football field.

6. Colorado - I can't believe this, but if Colorado beats Utah, they're will be 2 teams in the Pac 12 worse than Colorado.  Never saw that one coming.

Next Week's Games:

OSU at Oregon

Colorado at Utah
Notre Dame at Stanford
Arizona at ASU