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ATQ Podcast: What The Hell Was That?

Your favorite Oregon Ducks podcast discuss the Arizona "game," and looks ahead to the Civil War.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone else has weighed in on what happened to the Oregon Ducks last weekend, and you know that the ATQ Podcast would take a turn and have its say. Matt Daddy and I wonder what happened against the Wildcats, and ask whether it is the end of an era, and what Mark Helfrich and Co. need to do to right the ship over the offseason. We then turn our attention to the Civil War, and the one team in the Pac-12 that looked worse than Oregon last weekend. What do we want to see against Oregon State, and do the Beavers have what it takes to pull the upset? Finally, we then move on to the basketball team, and discuss recent performances and preview the week to come, including a lenghty discussion about the sheer awesomeness that is Johnathan Loyd.

As always, you can listen via the embedded audio, find us on iTunes, or visit the ATQ page on Talkshoe for options to subscribe.