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Quack Fix: Happy Thanksgiving


Not a lot of holiday Quack, but let's share what we've got:

  • Oregon secured its basketball future through the end of the decade, signing Dana Altman to a three-year contract extension through the end of the 2019-20 season. When Altman took over for Ernie Kent three-plus years ago, the program was in complete disarray, and we called it a five-year rebuilding job. All Altman has done is won 20 games each season for a total of 73 in three years, win a Pac-12 Tournament, and go on a Sweet 16 run. Oregon experienced some high highs during the Ernie Kent era, but Altman has brought that long-elusive consistency to Eugene, and it's good to see that he will be here to continue it.
  • Oregon volleyball got a Wednesday night sweep in Pullman, continuing their late season run for an NCAA berth. The win moves Oregon to 18-11 on the year, with Friday night's finale against Oregon State still on the slate.

Mark Helfrich on Oregon's Thanksgiving plans:

Finally, it's hard to believe that ATQ is seven years old. I certainly never thought I'd be blogging for this long. When I started this place back in '06, my goal was to create a place with the atmosphere of the neighborhood bar, but that could connect Oregon fans everywhere. It's safe to say that the mission has been accomplished. It has been accomplished through the hard work of many people who have devoted themselves to and have loved this place as much as I have, and what better day to express my thanks to them then on Thanksgiving.

Special thanks go to Jared, as his run as site manager brought enormous growth at ATQ along with several quality writers who have been essential to this site. I'm thankful for the hard work of Dominic, Tako, Matt Daddy, Jake, Noah, Nick, and Jeff for the countless hours they have put into this place to make it what it is. I am also thankful to Josh and Sean for recently bringing their talents, and am excited to see what they do for us.

Finally, I want to thank all of the readers and commenters. You are the heart and soul of ATQ. This isn't a paid site, and we all have real jobs that put the food on our tables. We continue to do this because of the value we place on this community, and all of you have made that what it is.

From our families to yours, Happy Thanksgiving. Now get off your computer and eat another piece of pie.