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65-38: Five Years Later

Oregon leaves no doubt.

Jonathan Ferrey

Was gonna do a video today, but it took multiple hours to upload with the slow Internet I'm working with on vacay, so I'm giving a hearty "eff that noise" and writing instead. For my game prediction, follow me on Twitter or on Vine, both @takimoto23x.

There was a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the 2008 Civil War. The Beavers had won three of the last four Civil Wars, and Oregon hadn't won in Corvallis since 1996. Oregon State was coming in riding a six-game winning streak, and could clinch a Rose Bowl berth with a win. It was never certain whether the version of Jeremiah Masoli that could throw the ball would show up, and OSU has quarterback problems of their own with Lyle Moevao nursing a shoulder injury. Because of their loss to USC, Oregon was out of Rose Bowl consideration. But a Duck victory would prevent the Beavers from going to their first Rose Bowl since 1965. So Oregon was in a position they haven't been in since: playing the spoiler. From a blog standpoint, we remember this as the year of CV3000, a former Building the Dam mod who fired a shot with one of the most trolly posts in history, and we at ATQ were sincerely hoping he wasn't right.

Oregon jumped out to a 10-0 lead behind a Masoli touchdown pass to Jeff Maehl, and a Morgan Flint field goal. After Matt "You Have One Job" Evenson put the ensuing kickoff out of bounds, Moevao led a touchdown drive of his own to make it 10-7 Ducks.

The first big play of the game came via Jeremiah Johnson, breaking an 81 yard run to set up a LeGarrette Blount touchdown, and then Oregon State kicker Justin Kahut missing a 22 yard field goal on the subsequent drive. Three field goals, two by Flint, grew the lead to 23-10 late in the second quarter. Facing a third and long deep in their own territory, Jeremiah Johnson broke off another legendary run, an 83 yard scamper complete with stiff arms, broken tackles, and almost losing the ball. But the Beavers had time, and Lyle Moevao took the field to try and respond. Instead, he threw a deep out that Walter Thurmond III read the whole way. Sir Flattop took it back for a pick-six, and it was 37-10 Ducks.

Oregon spent the second half playing keepaway. Three times, Oregon State scored to make it a 13 point deficit, close enough that a mistake could make it a game. All three times, Oregon would answer with a touchdown, first off a zone-read keeper by Masoli, then a pass to Terrance Scott that he took 76 yards to the house, and finally a pass from a scrambling Masoli to Ed Dickson, sprung to the endzone by a killer Jaison Williams block. Spencer Paysinger's pick-six sealed the deal, and Oregon would run out the clock up 65-38.

The final tally? 694 yards of total offense. 385 rushing yards, at 7.5 yards per carry. Two defensive touchdowns. And the start of a five-game, still in progress, Duck winning streak.

Five years ago today, the landscape of Oregon football was in stark contrast to the BCS-heavy Duck program we know today. Oregon is out of the BCS picture for the first time since the 2008 game, and the Civil War is meaningless to the BCS picture for the first time since 2007. But rivalry is forever, and beating up on Little Brother will always be fun, no matter the stakes. So here's to hoping the Ducks bounce back from the Arizona loss with a big win, and Ducks fans secure another year of bragging rights against their bucktoothed comrades.