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Oregon Ducks Football: Second Half Open Thread

Here it is

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Mariota is looking downright...not good. We've even seen a made field goal. Let's see what the Ducks can do in the second half against the most orange team in the country.

Josh Huff is playing like he wants everyone to remember his name when he leaves the school. I personally would like to see some more Tyner as he seems to having his way between the tackles. I know I'm in the minority but as long as we have at least 1 more point that Oregon State I will be happy.

Also the guy sitting next to me in the press box is really unhappy and that makes me chuckle a little.

The TV and radio haven't changed and the University of Sprite leads the Sunkist State University.

We got a little scare from Ifo but it apparently wasn't anything too serious to keep him out of the game.

We have a tie going into the second have at 17. 30 minutes remaining.

Go Ducks!