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Quack Fix: Preparing for Stanford's Unusual Style

Steve Dykes

  • It's hard to root for Maldonado, not because he's been shaky, but for him to make a big time kick, Oregon would have to be in a close game, and you don't want to see that happen. Add to that his less than stellar record, and I think every Duck fan would die of a heart attack if he was put in that situation. Personally though, you have to want him to succeed, and I have no doubt in my mind, before the season is over, he's going to get the chance to prove himself once again.
  • FSU temporarily jumped Oregon in the BCS for the #2 spot. Once Oregon gets done whooping Stanford this Thursday, expect the rankings to go back to how they should be.
  • Oregon is running an unconventional practice with the Scout team using a fullback. And that's because Stanford runs an unconventional offense. 8 offensive lineman, big bodies, aned aiohn voei fnoeioai... sorry head hit the keyboard as I feel asleep thinking about Stanford's offense.
  • Aliotti doesn't sound worried about his defense though. Just got to go out there and hold them to 17 points like last year, right Nick?
  • The Ducks basketball team got a bigger test than they were expecting against Point Loma Saturday. You have to think some of the preparation and mindset were focused on their next opponent, Georgetown, this Friday.
  • Other news and notes: Women's soccer lost to #2 Ucla 2-0, Men's tennis prepares to wrap up the season; BJ Kelley has a secret talent.
  • Finally, speaking of Oregon success stories, in case you missed it or haven't heard about it, the Legend of Kiko Alonso is an awesome thing. So happy the guy got his life straight and is now tearing it up in the NFL. Watch this video and enjoy.
You know the drill. Any other quack you find, leave in the comments