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12 Pac Review: Your Conference Isn't as Good as You Think It Is

GRRRRR we're the scary Pac 12... GRRRRRRRRR
GRRRRR we're the scary Pac 12... GRRRRRRRRR
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

So we wrap up another Pac 12 season, and the one thing that struck me when watching games this weekend was, the Pac 12 isn't as good as a lot of fans think it is. ASU, a team that needed a Pac 12 Ref gift to beat Wisconsin (who just got shellacked by Penn State) will take on Stanford, who lost to Utah, in the Pac 12 Championship Game. Needless to say, with no team in the Pac having less than 2 losses on the season, it is either a bunch of mediocre teams or a bunch of really good teams beating up on each other. In the end I think it is more the former.


1. Stanford 27 vs Notre Dame 20 - The Pac 12 went 1-2 versus Notre Dame this year. Do I need more evidence that this conference is incredibly mediocre? Anyway, it was another patented Furd win, grinding out 51 carries behind eight 300 pound lineman while Kevin Hogan does his best to keep the opponent in the game.

2. Oregon 36 vs Oregon State 35 - It wasn't the game many expected, but that is usually the case in rivalry games. Josh Huff though put his stamp on his Oregon career and then signed it with 3 TD, game winning TD grabbing hands. There will be a lot of talk about what bowl game Oregon gets in the next week, personally I want to see one that challenges the coaches and gives us evidence they deserve to be at Oregon long term (a la Kelly in his first Sun Bowl).

3. Washingten 27 vs Washington State 17 - Congrats to the Huskies on winning more than 7 games for the first time since 2001. Sark & Co have a long way to go before I start fearing that UW is technically back, but the one thing they did improve on this year was they didn't have that one melt-down game where they lost to someone they really shouldn't.

4. WSU - I know OSU finished ahead of them, but with the way these 2 teams played the last month and half of the Pac 12 season, I'd put money on the Cougs to knock off OSU on a neutral field. Should be interesting to see where both the teams get slotted in bowl games too considering that WSU going bowling for the first time in while is going to be an attractive pick.

5. OSU - Golly-gee, shucks, what a tough year for the Beavs. I mean they worked hard, prepared each week and really did everything that was asked from them. Can't be disappointed with that. Plus, their super-duper nice coach gets another year added to his contract cause they worked darn hard enough to make it to a bowl. Can't say fiddle-sticks to that outcome.

6. Cal - Congrats to Cal for not losing this week for the second time all season.


1. Arizona State 44 vs Arizona 21 - ASU didn't give UA a lot of hope early as they jumped out on them early with a 27-0 lead. ASU winning the Pac and playing in the Rose Bowl is about the most mediocre result from this mediocre season I can think of.

2. Ucla 35 at USC 14 - Finishing with 3 losses after all the injuries they sustained and the number of freshman that were forced to play is nothing to be ashamed of in Westwood. If Hundley returns for his Junior season, expect the Bruins to be at the top of the Pac 12 South Division for most of next year.

3. USC - If I'm USC, I don't settle for Ed Orgeron. If I'm Ed Orgeron I don't stay at USC unless I'm head coach. What I'm saying is I don't think Ed Orgeron is at USC next year.

4. Arizona - Question of the day. Rank these 3 teams: Arizona, WSU and OSU. Arizona lost to both of those teams, but they have the best win on their resume. OSU has the best record but has lost 5 straight. WSU is probably the hottest team between the 3, but they're still WSU.

5. Utah 24 vs Colorado 17 - The Mountain Showdown. The Rocky Top Rivalry. The Mile High Match Up. Yep, the nicknames for this game were as boring as the game itself.

6. Colorado - Nope.

Next Week's Games:

Stanford at ASU- Pac 12 Championship