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Quack Fix: Darron Thomas is back, Texas needs a backup plan, and John Boyett

Your daily dose of Oregon Ducks news. We have updates on Darron Thomas who is back in the northwest, a cautionary tale about going all in on Nick Saban, and Dana Altman's job is a pretty good one according to some guy.

Never get tired of this. Rose Bowl!
Never get tired of this. Rose Bowl!
Kevork Djansezian


  • Former Oregon Duck quarterback Darron Thomas sat down for a Q&A with the Oregonian. He'll be back in Portland playing in the Arena League.
  • The future of Oregon Ducks Volleyball is bright.
  • Those traveling up and down the Willamette Valley for Oregon Football may have a new commute option coming soon. For those in the valley, how do you feel about this development?
  • While Texas fans seem convinced that it's a matter of time before Mack Brown will be replaced by Alabama head coach Nick Saban, Mark Wiedmer offers up a cautionary tale about being careful with replacements.
  • What are the top 25 coaching jobs in NCAA Basketball? This guy says that Oregon comes in at 20 due to "Nike Money making inroads". Sure, that's been part of it but maybe the writer should look up the resume on Dana Altman.
  • John Boyett is doing work on the Denver Broncos' scout team.

Blurb of the Day

I think it's been easy to get caught up in snowgate or bucketgate or oldmansnowgate or whatever it is but just because someone makes a bad choice doesn't make them a bad person.